Artist Modern

Addition, Remodel & Transformation

This hillside home in Piedmont, CA was remodeled to change the style from a 1940’s rancher with eight foot ceilings, to a modern geometric composition with vast white interiors for the artist/owner’s works. In a city known for rigorous and difficult design review, an addition and full style change were unanimously approved. All sloped roofs and attics were eliminated and replaced by a series of stacked and overlapping flat roofs. This made the house taller on the inside and shorter on the outside, which helped earn design review cooperation in the community. A design-build contractor deftly handled the construction phase decision making process, adding design ideas of their own. The collaborations worked seamlessly to get the owners the home they envisioned.

From the Owners: “Even though we needed design review and two variance approvals from the Piedmont planning department, our designs were approved unanimously at the first presentation to the planning commission. Kurt’s advice and skill have served us well.”

Photography by and by Paul Dyer Photography
Built by Building Lab